Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Red Carpet

          My daughter, Michelle, perhaps because she is an only child, has always had a creative mind. I laughed at her live frog shows when she was six, and on another occasion, I dutifully ate her pink, blue, and green pancakes. But my thirty-second birthday is one of my most cherished memories.
         My birthday that year was not celebrated with friends and family as in years past. Michelle and I had a quiet dinner at home. She hadn't had a chance to go shopping for a gift and was disappointed that she had nothing to give me.
         About seven-thirty that evening, Michelle ordered me to go to my bedroom and close the door with instructions for me to stay there until she came for me.
         Twenty minutes later, she opened my door and stood in the hallway with a dishtowel draped over her left forearm. On the floor was a "red carpet" Michelle had pieced together from various shades of red fabric scraps my sister had given her to make doll clothes. "This way, madam," she said in a very formal tone, leading the way. My carpet of honor led to a beanbag chair that she had placed in front of the television.
         Beside the beanbag chair was a TV tray with a bowl of one of my favorite snacks-popcorn-a dish of melted butter, and a saltshaker. After seating me, she filled a small bowl with popcorn.
         "Would you like butter and salt on your popcorn tonight, madam?"
         "Why, yes, that would be very nice, thank you."
         She poured the butter on the popcorn with all the finesse of a waiter in a fine restaurant. Before handing me the popcorn, she pulled the towel from her arm and spread it over my lap, as she had experienced in some of the finer restaurants we had visited. Then she filled a bowl for herself and snuggled in beside me.
         We sat there together enjoying one of our favorite weekly television programs, eating our popcorn one kernel at a time with our little fingers raised, as any proper person would.
         "Is your popcorn okay, madam."
         "It's the best popcorn I've ever eaten," I replied. And the best birthday I've every had, I thought, smiling down at my precious "gift" sitting beside me.
That story is from a book filled with little two or three paged stories. It is Stories for a Woman's Heart. I had a similar experience. I got the CD titled Newsies for my birthday. Maria had gotten that CD for her birthday sometime or another and I listened to it over and over again. It would be my dancing music. I would twirl and twirl around, imagining that I was one of the characters from that musical. I had never watched the movie until I was seven or eight. After I got the CD since Maria's was cracked a little and skipped it dawned on me that I hardly remembered a thing from the Newsies. From then on I pleaded with Mom and Dad to let me watch it. It was last Sunday and I doubted we would watch it on a Sunday, but I still begged. After church, I went to the barn to see how are kittens are doing. When I came in, Mom asked me if I would like to see the Newsies! I screamed yes and almost an hour later, Mom, Kim, Danny, and I were sitting on the couch with popcorn, Danny's TV screen on the piano bench and the curtains drawn trying to keep out the afternoon light. That was one of the shortest two hours of my life. There was so much to gobble up I want to watch it again. When I listen to the music, it is hard to understand what the actors are singing especially since the songs are pretty upbeat. I am learning new lyrics everyday. Now that school is out, Mom might get driven crazy from me listening to that almost every moment I can.

Changing the subject, yesterday was my last day of school! It was only a half day (finished at 11:15!) and all we did was sit on the couch until Miss Young's class joined us in playing Sardines and a big game of kickball were everybody got to kick once at the very end. Then we had a grand review of all Psalm 34. Camille wrote me the nicest note. On the front, it said, You can count on me like 1 2 3. Immediately, I teared up. I am right now. Oh the memories we made! Camille, Brie, Edie, Erica. The four musketeers! I'm going to miss the bathroom parties!

Saturday, April 7, 2018


It is spring, but I'm a little confused at the weather God has been giving us lately. In March, my friends and I had been swinging for recess at school. The weather was beautiful and jackets were coming off as we swung. Then we got very cold weather. The forecast was showing beautiful sunny weather one day, then a cloudy or rainy day. Now it is very cold outside. The flowers keep growing and reminding me that warm days will come. We are about to have a new batch of kittens in the barn to keep away the mice. I have been sick two different times. The first time I had a sore throat for a week. The second time I had a sore throat and fever which turned into a cold. I am still blowing my nose constantly and coughing.

Spring break started two weeks ago. Sunday night to Tuesday afternoon Dad, Mom, Uncle Rob, Aunt Beckie, David, Isaac, Mary, Danny, and I went to Brown County for a Synergy Homes retreat. While the men had meetings, the rest of us went to a water park and out to lunch at Isaac's favorite fast-food place: McDonalds. Our rental house had a beat up pool table and some of us went on a walk.
Early Thursday morning, Mom, Kim, and I headed up to Michigan! We stayed until Saturday. The days were filled with fun, laughter, kisses, playing, eating Chick-fil-A, playing games, and just being together. I wish the weekend would have never ended.

Mom and Maria decided that we would not go up to Michigan next weekend for Addie's first birthday but celebrate it Mother's Day weekend when I am celebrating my twelfth birthday. That means I'm not going to see the McCormick's for five weeks. FIVE WEEKS! I'm going to miss Jim's humor, Maria understanding everything, my playmate Calvin, and squeezing Addie's cheeks. And all the hugs and kisses. And laughs. And noise. And EVERYTHING!

On my birthday, May 19th, all the Lehman girls are invited to go to Chicago for the day. I am very excited! Chicago means very many things. It means walking a lot around the city. It means eating very good and expensive food. it means seeing amazing sights. It makes me thankful for all the blessings I have when I see the homeless or jobless. It means driving in the van and listening to music. It means girl time!

If you have read all my blog post, thanks for taking the time! Go treat yourself with a cookie!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

It's Fall!

It's already fall?! Yes it sure is. School started on September 5 (one day before Danny's birthday). I have a new teacher!!

Matt Drayer accepted the job offer from Cornerstone a few days before the picnic. He has a teaching degree and was a teacher at another Christian private school in Bluffton for the past years. He has a LOT of energy. He is married (to Tiffany) and has 7 kids (Hannah, Naomi, Stacy, Tabitha, Isaiah, Amy, and Keith). Hannah and Keith are only 9 years apart!! Mr. Drayer rarely gives homework 😄 and teaches very well.

Miss Young teaches me math. She's a very good teacher, too!

Thursday was our last day of the school week. Fall Break!!!!! I have tomorrow off, too. Mom, Danny, and I are hoping to go to Mohomet to visit Adrienne.

Maria, Calvin, and Addie Mae visited us from Wednesday night to Saturday afternoon. Seth and Adrienne came on Friday evening and stayed till after church. It was the fall frenzy at Fair Oaks with FBi buildings and Summit. It was soooo much fun!

Good night!!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Are We There Yet?

"Are we there yet?" has been a question asked hundreds of times in the Lehman van. Who says that question? Do you? I know I do. Luckily, Calvin is a very patient little boy, and while he was driving with Dad, Mom, David, and I to our vacation spot, I don't think he asked that question once. Well, we finally reached our destination, Kentucky Lake!

All of the family except for Jo and Seth excitedly got out of the van and J&M's mini van and started exploring the house/unpacking. Kim and I got a small room with a small closet, some space to put suitcases, etc., and a bunk bed with a small bed on top and a what some people would call a small bed on the bottom, but Kim and I, plus Calvin at the beginning of the night, had enough room to sleep comfortably. We arrived to the Bayside Bungalow on Monday around 2-3 o'clock. Mom and Dad watched Calvin while the rest of us kids went out on the boat.

Well, the rest of vacation went like that. Just family (counting the boat. It became a part of our family.) and the water. Oh, don't forget skies, tubes, a wakeboard, towels (dry and wet), food, drinks, a cooler, the ski tower, glasses/sun glasses, life get the picture. All of us had a wonderful time. If you ever go to Kentucky Lake, stay in Gilbertsville, and love putt-putt, there was this wonderful putt-putt place called Maggie's Jungle Putt-Putt. It is kept very well and there are many challenging courses.

We arrived home on Saturday. We went to church on Sunday and I moved grades/teachers/rooms.

On Monday I went to Greg and Heidi Schneider's lake house with a couple of other girls. It was a lot of fun and I was so sore afterword.

On Tuesday it was July 4th and I went to the Wolcott parade and later to Lowell and Carla's house for ice-cream and to watch fireworks.  

On Wednesday, I went to Tropicana Cove with the Reinhard kids (except for Titus). Cameron (from church) also came along. I went down the Banana Slide for the first time and eventually went spinning down and went down backwards. It was lots of fun and I was sore again from that.

Finally it was time for our........................................Kentucky Lake Vacation!!! I was so excited! We reached there Monday and tubed right away. Tuesday we were out on the lake. Wednesday we were out on the lake. Thursday we were out on the lake. Friday we were out on the lake. Saturday we were out on the way home.☹ It was so much fun but I missed Adrienne and Seth so much I could die.

On Monday I started going to Fountain Park Chautauqua and I have gone every single day for at least an hour. Thursday I was in the talent show and played the main song from the movie Peanuts (Charlie Brown). Today I went to Chalmers water park with Marie Blume, Lyzzy Bahler, and Olivia and Evelynn Ross for Marie's birthday.

The rest of the days that I didn't talk about were the days I don't remember what I did because I did so much in those days.

Now I'm going to go upstairs because it is 10:02 p.m. Good night!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Hello! Sorry I have not posted! ☹ Our family has not rested since Addie was born. On May 5 (I think I got the date right), Adrienne's personal shower took place. The theme was Pride and Prejudice. It took place at the Wolcott House, the perfect place to have the party. Adrienne's family and friends settled and ate a meal prepared by the bridesmaids. On Friday, May 19, it was my birthday. Unfortunately, it was my cousin Rachel's graduation party so Grammy couldn't be at my party. But I am bummed I couldn't got to Rachel's party! Also unfortunately, Adrienne and Seth took pictures on Friday during my party because they were afraid it might rain on Saturday while they were taking pictures. I don't really feel like I am 11 because my birthday was on wedding weekend and everyone was focused on the wedding. That's okay, though, because I don't have to be the center of attention. Pictures went smoothly, but it was hard for me at the rehearsal dinner. Knowing Adrienne was leaving, knowing she was gone forever (at least that's what it feels like). Knowing we were 2 hours apart. Knowing that the memories we had made before she got engaged and while she was engaged were going to be the last times she wasn't married. Knowing it was the last ride together for a while. Knowing it was the last art day together at our house. But worst of all, knowing this might happen to me some day. Well I made it up and down the aisle at church and did my duty at the reception.

Then it was school again. Our last "week" (actually 2 days and 1/2). Yay! (no offense teachers) Then I came home. Adrienne wasn't in the kitchen on her computer. She wasn't up in her room or riding. She was gone. It is still hard to comprehend. On the last day of school, I went to my friend Camille and Brie's house along with our friend Alivia. It was a weird but fun way of starting summer vacation. On Thursday night and Friday night Kim and I stayed at Oma and Opa's house. Dad and Mom were in Phoenix for Steven and Kristen Sauder's wedding. They got home on Monday.

Last Tuesday Mom and I went to Michigan. Calvin was so excited! Dad, Seth, and Adrienne joined us on Friday night. Dad and Mom headed for Kitchener, Canada on Saturday in the early evening. They returned home on Sunday. On Sunday night I went with Seth and Adrienne to their house. It was so fun to be with them and be their first overnight guest! I painted a picture of a pineapple on a canvas Adrienne had. She kindly sketched the pineapple and the little diamonds in the middle. She also helped me learn that my pineapple was a special pineapple. No pineapple are the same. No people are the same. Don't try to act like someone else, but dig deeper into your heart and show love the lonely and the poor. Don't try to be cool around the cool kids but be mean to the weird. Be yourself. God knows who you are and loves you so much he gave you the ability to show his love to other people. So don't save you Godliness for home. Let you light shine. Don't shine your light for Satan. Shine it brightly for Jesus, sharing the love he gives you.
'Let you light shine'

Friday, April 21, 2017

Spring Baby

On Thursday the 13th Kim and I packed our bags after I got home from school and headed to Michigan. Around 1:00, Mom had texted Miss Fry that she and Adrienne were headed to Michigan, and I told all my classmates that I, Edie Lehman, was going to be an aunt again!! Arriving in Michigan around 6:00, we waited a few minutes for Jim's mom Laurie to bring Calvin to their new house. Kim, Calvin, and I played for an hour, got ready for bed, then Calvin went to sleep in his room while Kim and I stayed up until 11 o'clock. At a little past 3:33 pm (the time Adeline was born) Kim got a call on her phone waking us both up. Little Addie had arrived! I had to wait till around 12:00 to see her. Five hours! Mom and Adrienne watched the birth and in about 30 minutes they arrived back at Jim and Maria's house. Later that morning, an excited grandma, aunties, and big brother arrived at the hospital eager to see Addie. Calvin was such a good big brother and kept on gently touching Addie's face with his hands, saying "Hello, little sister." and "She's so cute!" This is little Adeline Mae:

                                                          Calvin meeting Addie.
                                  Oh Addie, this is just one of the many kisses you'll get from me.
                                     How can holding your newborn niece not make you smile?
Getting some snuggles while I can!

Before this was my blog, Adrienne did a post about me before I turned eight. The other day, I had just finished trying to ride Tessa bareback with Mary on Sedona. After I finished helping Mary with chores and sweeping the barn out, I decided to pick some flowers. The backyard of one of our neighbors across the street has beautiful little yellow flowers and little purple flowers. I decided to pick those tiny flowers and put them in a little vase. While picking the tiny flowers, I wanted to add some bigger daffodils to my bouquet. As I was about to go across the street to pick them (they were in our yard, not the neighbors) Adrienne came out with her camera. I was still in my tank top, jeans, and boots, but that didn't matter. After a few pictures, I realized that almost 2 years ago, she took pictures of me all nice with a little bouquet of weeds (in an 8-year-old mind they were flowers). I told her to take a picture of me on a fallen tree trunk like I had 2 years before. Here are the comparisons:

And I realized that two other pictures are similar:

Ah, nothing like flowers.

and landing.

And now I dream about yellow flowers and their wonderful smell as I sniffle and drink honey water. I despise sore throats so much!

Monday, March 13, 2017

And I'm Back!

Well, it's another Monday and I'm as tired as can be. School brings a lot of homework and it's snowing. Only a little which is really annoying because I either want a lot of snow and a snow day or a nice sunny day so I can play outside without a coat. California come to me! Tons has happened since I last blogged. As you probably already know, Adrienne is getting married to Seth Waibel on May 21st and I'm going to be a bridesmaid. All the planning is getting crazy and Maria is getting closer to her due date, April 19th. We just helped them move into their new house they built early this month, and it's going to be so nice to be able to play with Calvin loudly in his basement while Jim and Maria sleep. Lehman life has been in a blur of elder conferences, wedding planning, a pride and prejudice party, homework, attempting to clean my messy desk, trying to unlock places, people, and cars on our MarioKart wii, unloading the dishwasher, practicing piano, and, well, life, mostly. But who likes a boring blog filled with words, words, and letters, letters, when I could add some pictures?

Seth 💗 Adrienne
This amazing cake that Leah made for the Pride and Prejudice party.

The love scene.

We brought a box of old-fashion hats to the party so everyone could have one on.

The utensils are important, too!

After we ate a delicious meal, we played Marrying Mr. Darcy, a game Adrienne gave to Leah.

EEKK!! The picture caught me playing dodgeball!!

Jim, Maria, and Calvin came and after I washed pretend dishes, Calvin used some to play with water in a pan. Fine motor skills!

Oh Bailey, you are soo cute!

First ride of the year in February! Mary joined us on Sedona. All of us went bareback because the horses had mud under their bellies were we would put the cinch, and we don't want to hurt our precious ponies and horses!!

What a wonderful ride!

Who let the dog in? 

Well, that's it for this post, folks. Thanks for reading!!