Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Hello! Sorry I have not posted! ☹ Our family has not rested since Addie was born. On May 5 (I think I got the date right), Adrienne's personal shower took place. The theme was Pride and Prejudice. It took place at the Wolcott House, the perfect place to have the party. Adrienne's family and friends settled and ate a meal prepared by the bridesmaids. On Friday, May 19, it was my birthday. Unfortunately, it was my cousin Rachel's graduation party so Grammy couldn't be at my party. But I am bummed I couldn't got to Rachel's party! Also unfortunately, Adrienne and Seth took pictures on Friday during my party because they were afraid it might rain on Saturday while they were taking pictures. I don't really feel like I am 11 because my birthday was on wedding weekend and everyone was focused on the wedding. That's okay, though, because I don't have to be the center of attention. Pictures went smoothly, but it was hard for me at the rehearsal dinner. Knowing Adrienne was leaving, knowing she was gone forever (at least that's what it feels like). Knowing we were 2 hours apart. Knowing that the memories we had made before she got engaged and while she was engaged were going to be the last times she wasn't married. Knowing it was the last ride together for a while. Knowing it was the last art day together at our house. But worst of all, knowing this might happen to me some day. Well I made it up and down the aisle at church and did my duty at the reception.

Then it was school again. Our last "week" (actually 2 days and 1/2). Yay! (no offense teachers) Then I came home. Adrienne wasn't in the kitchen on her computer. She wasn't up in her room or riding. She was gone. It is still hard to comprehend. On the last day of school, I went to my friend Camille and Brie's house along with our friend Alivia. It was a weird but fun way of starting summer vacation. On Thursday night and Friday night Kim and I stayed at Oma and Opa's house. Dad and Mom were in Phoenix for Steven and Kristen Sauder's wedding. They got home on Monday.

Last Tuesday Mom and I went to Michigan. Calvin was so excited! Dad, Seth, and Adrienne joined us on Friday night. Dad and Mom headed for Kitchener, Canada on Saturday in the early evening. They returned home on Sunday. On Sunday night I went with Seth and Adrienne to their house. It was so fun to be with them and be their first overnight guest! I painted a picture of a pineapple on a canvas Adrienne had. She kindly sketched the pineapple and the little diamonds in the middle. She also helped me learn that my pineapple was a special pineapple. No pineapple are the same. No people are the same. Don't try to act like someone else, but dig deeper into your heart and show love the lonely and the poor. Don't try to be cool around the cool kids but be mean to the weird. Be yourself. God knows who you are and loves you so much he gave you the ability to show his love to other people. So don't save you Godliness for home. Let you light shine. Don't shine your light for Satan. Shine it brightly for Jesus, sharing the love he gives you.
'Let you light shine'

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  1. It was so fun to see you during that wedding weekend. Happy 11th birthday & I like your pineapple "lesson" from Adrienne :)